Sake Bar in Osaka :: Hana Sake Bar

International Sake Bar in the Heart of Osaka

HAPPY HOUR! 18:00-20:00 1st Drink Half Price!

Hana Sake Bar is the place to be if you like to try Japanese liquors especially SAKE. We offer Sake and many other liquors from all over Japan. Our friendly English speaking staff will explain all about Sake and enhance your Japan Experience as well as have fun times together.

  • Local authentic brands you never meet in chain restaurants or stores
  • Good selection from all over Japan
  • Small potion and low price to enjoy many brands
  • 3 brands of sake tasting set costs 1,200 yen
  • Not only sake but also domestic alcohols such as beer, whisky, rum, vodka, wine and makgoli
  • Friendly and informative bilingual staff